We’re Back

Hi everyone!  Just wanted to give a special thanks to everyone who came out to our last show w/ Hostage Calm.  It’s been 8 months since we’ve been on stage and it was a blast!  All the bands were awesome, so if you missed it you really missed an awesome show.

As we continue the long writing process for our new album I’m pleased to let you all know that we have the majority of the drums tracked!  We’ll be working on guitar and bass in the next few weeks.  We’re really pushing to have a small EP available soon, which will contain the first few recorded tracks we do.  These will probably only be available for those who attend our shows or are on the email list.  Please continue to spread the word about us so you can be a part of what Bridges Will Break is becoming!

We just announced another show w/ Desert Noises and our friends in The Great Hotel Fire on December 15th!  We really hope you can all make it out!  If you haven’t signed up for our email list you’re going to miss out on some great promotional stuff that others won’t get.  Just email bridgeswillbreak@gmail.com to join.  We hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and we can’t wait to see you all in December!

-Bridges Will Break